GodtLam from SnillBonde, Rubbestad, Bømlo

About GodtLam

GodtLam is SnillBonde's brand for our products related to own sheep farming. The products from GodtLam are locally produced quality goods from our farm at Rubbestad in Bømlo. Here you will find, among other things, tender meat in various varieties and lovely lamb skins from old Norwegian späelsau.

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Old Norse Spælsau

Our beautiful animals originate from the Old Norse sheep, probably all the way back to the Viking Age. Old Norse späelsau are considered descendants of the original sheep in Norway. The Vikings took the sheep west to Iceland, Greenland, Orkney and Shetland.

GodtLam from SnillBonde Old Norwegian sheep

With us, the animals are doing well!

The species has been threatened here in Norway, but is now well looked after, including here at Rubbestad. We place great emphasis on animal welfare. With us, the animals are doing well!

A delicacy

Lamb meat from Old Norse späelsau is a delicacy on a par with wild sheep. The meat is lean and tender and can resemble venison. You can eat this even if you are not particularly fond of sheep!

GodtLam Chopsticks from Old Norwegian Spælsau

Time, tradition and care

We preserve our products according to old methods and recipes. Time, tradition and care are important ingredients. You can find all the products in the online store , but what we have varies throughout the year.

SnillBonde farm at Rubbestad, Bømlo


Leather and wool from old Norwegian späelsau come in many color variants. This gives a beautiful and distinctive product. In our online shop you will find what we have in stock for any time of the lovely lambskin.

GodtLam lambskin from Old Norwegian späelsew

Keep the landscape open

Old Norse späelsau is a wonderful caretaker of the cultural landscape. The sheep is lightly built and healthy. They graze on varied pastures, both in and around Rubbestad in Bømlo and in the mountains on pastures rich in herbs. In this way, they help to keep the landscape open and prevent overgrowth. The sheep is outdoors, which means that he is outside all year round.

GodtLam Old Norse lamb sheep

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