SnillBie Organic Heather Honey

Production and quality

Anyone who tastes Snill Bie Lynghonning will know our honey is rich and aromatic. This is a result of the heather combination the bees are attracted to and careful collection and processing. What makes our heather honey special is the combination of nectar from the heather species purple heather, bell heather and heather heather.

SnillBie Organic heather honey with the taste of heather from the coastal heather in Bømlo

Honey from coastal heather

Purple heather is only found in a few places in the outer regions of Hordaland, as well as some places in Rogaland. The taste of the heather honey can, for a trained palate, vary from year to year, depending on how much nectar there is from each of these three types of heather in the honey - a combination that the bees themselves have the recipe for!


Our bees are reared with great care and knowledge. This is how I make it possible for them to live well and do the work that leads to good honey in the hives. After the bees have collected enough in the hives (around mid-September), we collect the honey from the apiaries and take it into our production premises.

Honey is harvested for SnillBie

The production

The honey is then placed in a drying room for a time, to ensure that the water content is correct. Then I take the honey into the hive room, where the honey is taken out of the honey tablets that the bees have made. The honey is then coarsely sieved and finely sieved. The honey must then be left to mature. He is stirred every day until he gets the right consistency. Finally, he is poured into the characteristic, hexagonal glass jars that you can buy.

Honey production at SnillBie

Requirements for hygiene and quality

The premises where the heather honey is processed is approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, as is all the material in the production equipment we use. We met the strictest requirements for hygiene and quality. The heather honey from SnillBie is not subjected to artificial intervention, such as heating, nor has it been added in any way. SnillBie Heather honey is a 100% natural product!

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