About SnillBie

SnillBie is SnillBonde's brand for the organic heather honey we produce. The business has roots back to 1977 when Jan Sigve's confirmation money was invested in the first bees and hives. Later, the business grew bigger, cube by cube. This is how we want it to be in the future as well, our goal is not to be as big as possible, but that the quality of the honey should be the best.

The kind Bia

Around fifteen million buzzing bees in busy activity collect the honey you can buy under the "SnillBie" brand. They work for us, live in our cubbies and fly over the heather on Bømlo, all the way to the sea. We think it's fantastic that the small, hardworking creatures give us the good honey.

KindBee bees

Beekeeping is also about breeding. The name SnillBie reflects a targeted effort to breed nicer bee strains from the local Norwegian brunebia. But most of all, it is the name of our honey product! We hope that it will be associated with something good, and that it will be easy to think of next time you are looking for honey.

SnillBie Organic Heather honey with yogurt and berries

From secondary nutrition to main nutrition

For now, beekeeping is literally a by-product for us, both have work on the side. But we gradually want to have it as our main business, and have invested in new production and warehouse buildings and modern production equipment in recent years.

Beautiful interaction with nature

Beekeeping is a beautiful and useful interaction between nature and man, and we would like to convey that here on our website. Follow the links below and find out more about bees, honey and SnillBie.

Beekeeping in coastal heather at Bømlo for SnillBie

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